• 2022
    After 2022, the company will optimize and restructure its resources, introduce a large number of excellent talents, adopt international advanced production technology, meet the challenges of the new international situation, expand business scope, maintain old customers, open up new fields, and make greater contributions to the economic development at home and abroad.
  • 2012-2021
    With good development, the company has made outstanding contributions to the local economy and foreign customer projects, and won the title of provincial and municipal excellent enterprise for many times.
  • 2011
    In the development of the company, the company has set up a production, testing, sales, after-sales and other one-stop customers worry free efficient team, heavily invested in the introduction of high-end equipment and advanced production technology level, to ensure that all domestic and international customers demanding.
  • 2010
    In 2010, its products began to open the international market and officially entered the international cooperation.
  • 2009
    Products slowly spread throughout the country's major factory sites. With the improvement of domestic performance, the company decided to carry out international business.
  • 2008
    High-quality products and good after-sales service made our products in short supply, so we bought equipment to expand production.
  • 2007
    Starting from a small workshop, our business grew bigger and bigger.
  • 2006
    From 2006 on, the managers of the company began to engage in steel pipe sales, and then gradually established a sales team.