Advantages of stainless steel water supply pipes

A stainless steel water pipe is an environmentally friendly material that meets health requirements, can be 100% recycled, saves water resources, reduces transportation costs, reduces heat loss, and avoids sanitary ware pollution.


1. Life

Stainless steel water pipes have an extra-long service life.From the analysis of the utilization of chrome steel abroad, the service lifetime of chrome steel water pipes will reach one hundred years, or a minimum of seventy years, that is as long because the lifetime of buildings.

2. Corrosion resistance

One of the most outstanding advantages of stainless steel drain pipes and fittings is their excellent corrosion resistance, which is the best in all kinds of pipes. Because stainless steel can passivate with oxidant, a tough and dense chromium-rich oxide protective film Dr2O3 is formed on the surface, which can effectively prevent further oxidation reactions.And different metal pipes, like galvanized water pipes and copper pipes, have very little passivation ability, that is that the key reason why the corrosion resistance of copper pipes of galvanized pipes is much but that of stainless-steel pipes.

3. Heat resistance and heat preservation

The thermal physical phenomenon of stainless-steel pipe is 1/25 of copper pipe and 1/4 of standard steel pipe, particularly appropriate for warm water transportation.The most commonly used stainless steels in the water industry are 304 and 316 stainless sheets of steel, which can meet the vast majority of water treatment and customs clearance conditions.

4. Strength

The tensile strength of 304 stainless steel water supply pipe is 2 times that of steel pipe and 8-10 times that of plastic pipe. The strength of the fabric determines whether or not the tobacco pipe is robust, crash-resistant, safe, and reliable. Due to their excellent mechanical properties, stainless steel drainage pipes and fittings can withstand high water supply pressure, up to 10Mpa or more, especially suitable for high-rise water supply.

Disadvantages of stainless steel water pipes – reduce transportation costs, the inner wall of stainless steel pipes is smooth, and the water resistance is very small, which reduces pressure loss and reduces transportation costs. Due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion of stainless steel, heat loss is effectively reduced in hot water pipes. Stainless steel material is 100% renewable material and will not cause pollution to the environment.

The shortcomings and advantages of stainless steel water pipes are introduced here. You can see that stainless steel water pipes have more advantages, and the internal smoothness is higher, which makes the resistance of the fluid smaller, so the corresponding transportation costs are lower. The advantages of stainless steel water pipes are unmatched by other material water pipes.


Post time: Nov-09-2022