The difference between steel pipe and iron pipe

The difference between steel pipes and iron pipes is the carbon content. The metallurgical industry is usually divided into ferrous metallurgical industry and non-ferrous metallurgical industry. Many varieties in the charge belong to ferrous metallurgy, mainly including iron, pig iron, steel and ferroalloy.

Iron and carbon alloys containing a small amount of alloying elements and impurities in steel can be divided into:

Pig iron – containing C is 2.0 to 4.5%

Steel – 0.05~2.0% C

Wrought iron – containing C less than 0.05% Steel is made from pig iron and has high mechanical strength and toughness, as well as special properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Iron is extremely abundant in nature, accounting for 5% of the crustal element content, ranking fourth in the earth’s materials. Iron is very active and easily combines with other substances.

The difference between iron and steel:

It is customary to say that steel is a general term for steel and iron. There is a difference between steel and iron. The so-called steel is mainly composed of two elements, namely iron and carbon. Generally, carbon and elemental iron form a compound, which is called iron-carbon alloy.The carbon content incorporates a nice influence on the properties of steel, and once the carbon content will increase to an exact extent, it’ll cause qualitative changes.The substance composed of iron atoms is called pure iron, and pure iron has very few impurities. The carbon content is the main criterion for distinguishing steel. The carbon content of pig iron is more than 2.0%; the carbon content of steel is a smaller amount than two.0%. Fe includes a high carbon content, is tough and brittle, and has virtually no malleability. Steel not solely has sensible malleability, however conjointly steel product have glorious physical and chemical application properties like high strength, sensible toughness, warm temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple process, impact resistance, and straightforward purification, so that they ar wide used.


Post time: Oct-18-2022