Welded steel pipes you don’t know

Welded steel pipe, also known as welded pipe, is a steel pipe made of steel plate or steel strip after being crimped and welded. Welded steel pipes have a simple production process, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications, and less equipment investment, but the general strength is lower than that of seamless steel pipes. Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of continuous rolling production of high-quality strip steel and the advancement of welding and inspection technology, the quality of welds has been continuously improved, the varieties and specifications of welded steel pipes have been increasing, and more and more fields have replaced non-standard steel pipes. Seam steel pipe. Welded steel pipes are divided into straight seam welded pipes and spiral welded pipes according to the form of the weld. The production process of straight seam welded pipe is simple, the production efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the development is fast. The strength of the spiral welded pipe is generally higher than that of the straight seam welded pipe. However, compared with the same length of straight seam pipe, the length of the weld is increased by 30~100%, and the production speed is lower. Therefore, most of the welded pipes with smaller diameters use straight seam welding, and most of the welded pipes with large diameters use spiral welding.

The common forming process of straight seam steel pipe is UOE forming process and JCOE steel pipe forming process. According to the application, it is divided into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, oxygen blown welded pipe, wire casing, metric welded pipe, idler pipe, deep well pump pipe, automobile pipe, transformer pipe, electric welding thin-walled pipe, electric welding special-shaped pipe and spiral welded pipe.

Generally welded steel pipes are used to transport low pressure fluids. Made of Q195A. Q215A. Q235A steel. Also available in other mild steels that are easy to weld. The steel pipe needs to be tested for water pressure, bending, flattening, etc. or the manufacturer can carry out more advanced testing according to its own conditions. The welded steel pipe usually has certain requirements on the surface quality, and the delivery length is usually 4-10m, which can be requested according to actual needs. The manufacturer delivers in fixed-length or double-length.

The specification of the welded pipe uses the nominal diameter to indicate that the nominal diameter is different from the actual one. The welded pipe can be divided into two types: thin-walled steel pipe and thick-walled steel pipe according to the specified wall thickness.

Welded steel pipes are widely used in low-pressure fluid transmission projects, steel pipe structure projects, etc. because their prices are lower than those of the same specifications.

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Post time: Aug-18-2022