Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil

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Standard: ASTM A240/A240M, ASTM A480/480M, AMS 5524, AMS 5507

Grade: 316, UNS S31600

Density: 7.98 x 103 Kg/m3

Width: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm

Length: 2438mm, 3000mm, 6000mm, 8000mm, 12000mm

Thickness: 0.3 – 50mm

Manufacturing Process: Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled

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Physical Properties

Physical properties of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil: The distinction in resistance between the grades of resistance will increase at extraordinarily low temperatures. Alloying parts have an excellent influence on resistance. heat capability At terribly low temperatures, the precise heat capability of varied untainted steels incorporates a bound distinction. the precise heat capability is greatly stricken by temperature, and also the heating capability at 4K is reduced to 1/100 or but that at temperature. Thermal physical phenomenon The thermal physical phenomenon of varied sorts of untainted steels at extraordinarily low temperatures is slightly different, however, generally, it's concerning 1/50 of the thermal physical phenomenon at temperature. The thermal physical phenomenon will increase with increasing magnetic flux (magnetic flux density) at low temperatures. At vasoconstrictor, the influence of mass magnetic condition of solid solution stainless-steel on the load magnetic flux is different looking on the fabric, and also the content {of totally different|of various} alloying parts is additionally different, and also the magnetic porosity of various grades has no distinction.

Characteristics of stainless steel precision strip

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil is a kind of stainless steel specialization field. After weighing many parameters and comprehensive consideration, as well as the specific production standards of our country's stainless steel precision strip, the characteristics of the precision strip have been defined:

Width below 600 mm: width accuracy + 0.1 mm, thickness accuracy + 0.001 mm.

The surface quality can meet the needs of different users, such as BA surface with roughness Ra

In addition, there square measure higher necessities for straightness and edge quality.

Feasibility of Precision Strip Developmen

The country's accelerated economic restructuring has enabled the development of high-tech industries and information industries to maintain a certain growth rate or even accelerate. These industries have a pulling effect on the demand for precision strip steel, which increases the demand for precision strip steel to a certain extent. Looking at the downstream demand, due to the rapidly growing domestic demand from the automobile and home appliance industries and the relevant policy subsidies given by the state, there will be a large potential market demand for precision strip steel products.

Technical barrier risk analysis

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Due to the high technical barriers and the high level of production technology, the capacity utilization rate has been low, and it is difficult to solve in the short term. In particular, precision strip steel with a thickness of less than 0.1mm stainless steel, titanium, zirconium and other high-strength alloys, currently only a few domestic enterprises can produce it, and the production capacity has been insufficient. Due to the high technical barriers and the lack of senior technical talents in the industry, the advanced production equipment purchased by many precision strip steel enterprises cannot quickly improve the equipment utilization rate. It requires a long adjustment process from early production to stable quality, which will directly affect the Enterprises seize market opportunities and miss the profit cycle. Attention and attention should be paid to this issue.


Type Stainless Coiled tube
Standard ASTM A269/A249
Material 304 / 304L / 316L / 321 / 317L/2205 /625/ 285/ 2507
Process Welded and cold drawn
Application Stainless steel coil for industrial use: heat exchanger, boiler, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, etc.Stainless steel coil for mechanical structure: printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, automobile and ship accessories, construction and decoration, etc.Stainless steel bright coil: welded by stainless steel strip and then reduce the wall, reduce the wall from thick to thin, this process can make the wall thickness uniform, smooth, and reduce the wall tensile pipe wall to form the effect of no weld.
Specification 3.175-50.8MM*0.2-2.5MM
Diameter 3.175mm-50.8mm
Thickness 0.2MM-2.5MM
Length 100mm-3000/coil or as customer’s requirement

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