304 stainless steel coiled tubing (coil) tubing tubing oil and gas well tubing

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• Stainless Steel 304 Welded Coil Tubing
• SS 304 Welded Coil Tubes
• ASME SS 304 Welded Coil Tubing
• Stainless Steel 304 Welded Coil Tubes
• ASTM A269 Stainless Steel 304 Welded Coil Tubing
• SS 304 Coil Tubing Price in Bengaluru
• Stainless Steel 304 Coil Tubes Stockist in China
• ASTM A269 SS 304 Welded Coil Tube Suppliers in Thane

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304 stainless steel coiled tubing is primarily used in piping systems for the transport of fluids or gases. We manufacture steel pipe from a steel alloy containing nickel as well as chromium, which give stainless steel its corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel pipe resists oxidation, making it a low-maintenance solution that is suitable for high temperature and chemical applications. Because it is easily cleaned and sanitized, stainless steel pipe is also desired for applications involving food, beverages, and pharmaceutical applications.

304 stainless steel coiled tubing one of the large manufacturers for high quality Stainless Steel Coil Tube. The Stainless Steel Coil Tubing is available in lengths up to 2300 feet which is up to 30% long than traditional offerings. SS tube straighteners make stainless steel coiled tubing installation faster and easier. According to the different applications the SS Coil Tubes are available in different sizes.

Tubos have wide grades of Stainless Steel Coil Tube such as : 304 Stainless Steel Coil Tube, 304L Stainless Steel Coil Tube, 316 Stainless Steel Coil Tube, 316L Stainless steel Coil Tube and 201 Stainless Steel Coil Tube.


Size Range

Tubing Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
Welded 304/L .125”–.750” .020”–.049”
Welded 316/L .125”–.750” .020”–.049”
Seamless 316/L .063”–.750” .010”–.109”

Coiled Metric Tubing

Tubing Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
Seamless 316/L 8mm 1.5mm
Seamless 316/L 10mm 1mm
Seamless 316/L 10mm 1.5mm
Seamless 316/L 12mm 1mm
Seamless 316/L 12mm 1.5mm

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