316 Stainless Steel Coil Tube

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1. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, etc
2. Origin: Shandong, China
3. Mode of transportation: air or sea
4. Features: high temperature steam resistance, impact corrosion resistance, etc

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The advantages of stainless steel coil a: heat exchange advantage

Stainless steel coil for the use of heat exchange tube, its advantage is that the heat exchange efficiency is higher than stainless steel light tube, heat exchange effect is also better, there is a long service life.
This is mainly because of the material and structure of stainless steel coils. As we all know, stainless steel coils are made of stainless steel, with oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, thus extending the service life of stainless steel coils for heat exchange tubes.

In addition, the structure of the stainless steel coil includes outer coil and inner ring coil, outer coil body by a stainless steel pipe spiral winding bottom-up, then top-down spiral winding form the inner ring coil tube body, outer plate of the pipe body and a space between the inner ring coil tube body, outer coil tube body and inner ring coil pipe body is by inside and outside the circle piece connection between fixed, When the stainless steel coil is used for heat exchange tube, the outer coil body and the inner coil body are used for heat exchange at the same time, so the heat exchange effect of the stainless steel coil is better.

The advantages of stainless steel coil two: economic advantages and environmental advantages

Stainless steel coil for the use of heat exchange tube, there is a great advantage is its economy and environmental protection. This is mainly because the material of the stainless steel coil, as we all know, stainless steel coil is made of stainless steel, compared with the ordinary carbon steel manufacturing coil, can reduce the initial steel consumption by 15%, the whole life cycle can reduce steel consumption by about 55%, according to the amount of steel consumption per ton of coal measure, can save more than 75% of the coal, this down, Every increase of 1 ton of stainless steel, can replace more than 4 tons of carbon steel, only on the stainless steel manufacturing process and application of steel saving this factor into consideration, stainless steel than ordinary carbon steel energy saving 84.25%, reduce CO2 emissions 87.16%;

Is needless to say, stainless steel coil manufacturer with advanced technology and equipment production, and even the need to produce a batch of stainless steel coil, in the process of processing of stainless steel coil, will greatly reduce the use of stainless steel, also won't have a lot of pollution affect the operator and the health of the residents in the surrounding, so as to achieve economic and environmental protection, It is a good type of stainless steel heat exchange tube.

The above is about the advantages of stainless steel coil, in general, on the heat exchange performance, economy and environmental protection three aspects of the introduction, I do not know whether we understand the stainless steel coil is more clear? Welcome to leave a message to us.

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